On the corner of Myrtle and Main Streets in Stillwater, Minnesota began.

So why here? Well… when Wisconsin became a state in 1848, that left people west of the St. Croix river “high and dry” with no government.

So, the people of Stillwater held a territorial convention right here and voted to send a delegate to Washington D.C. to organize a new territory called “Minnesota” which became a territory in 1849, and a state in 1858.


Featured Locations, Businesses and Attractions

One23 Events

Address: 123 Second St. N#105, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Phone: 651.342.0176

Website: https://www.one23events.com

Judd & Emily are owners of One23 Events and specialize in wedding planning.  One23 Events also offers other studio and entertainment opportunities to make a person’s special day memorable.
Water Street Inn

Address: 101 Water Street, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Phone: 815.596.9025

Website: https://waterstreetinn.us

Water Street Inn, located right on the St. Croix River, provides  great restaurants and a relaxing experience for visitors and residents of Stillwater.
Smith & Trade Mercantile

Address: 229 Main St. Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Phone: 651.342.2976

Website: https://smithandtrade.com

A shop located in the center of Stillwater that celebrates local artisanry by providing a hub of commerce for  handmade goods.
Gondola Romantica

Address: 425 Nelson St. E, Stillwater, Minnesota  55082

Phone: 851.439.1783

Website: https://www.gondolaromantica.com

John, owner of Gondola Romantica, brings the Venetian tradition to the St. Croix River.  He educates riders about Gondola tradition while they enjoy the beautiful scenery Stillwater offers.
The Lumberjack Ax Throwing Bar


Address: 123 2nd Street North, Suite 102, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Phone: 651.430.0352

Website: https://stillwatertrolley.com

Stillwater offers various unique activities, one being Lumberjack Ax Throwing! This bar combines two great north mid-western activities- ax throwing and drinking.
Prohibition Barbers

Address: 118 1/2 Chestnut St. Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Phone: 815.964.9114

Website: https://prohibitionbarbers.com

Chris Pompleo, a U.S. veteran, opened up the shop to celebrate the brotherhood of armed forces. Visitors enjoy the sense of community the barbershop offers.
Andersen Corporation

Address: 100 4th Ave. Bayport, Minnesota 55003

Phone: 1.800.426.4261

Website: https://www.andersenwindows.com

Founded in 1903. Andersen Corporation started off as a lumber company that created windows and doors.  It has grown to be one of America’s largest manufacturers of doors and windows.


Stillwater Trolley

Address: 400 East Nelson Street, Stillwater Minnesota 55082

Phone: 651.430.0352

Website: https://stillwatertrolley.com

This trolley-bus takes visitors all around Stillwater presenting the town’s rich history and what it has to offer!
Lift Bridge Brewing Co.

Address: 1900 Tower Dr W, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Phone: 888.430.2337

Website: liftbridgebrewery.com

Created by Wisconsinites, Lift Bridge Brewing Co pushed for the craft beer movement in Stillwater. It has grown nationally with over 16 options of beer.