Rochester is located in Southeastern Minnesota.

It’s about an hour and a half drive southwest of the Twin Cities and about 50 miles due east of Winona on the Mississippi River. Today, Rochester has residents and visitors from all around the world. The city’s population is about 120,000 and the Mayo Clinic employs over 40,000 of them.

Featured Businesses, Locations and Attractions

Brother's Bar and Grill

Address: 812 Broadway Ave S, Rochester, Minnesota 55904

Phone: 507.281.8902 


A staple in the Rochester community, Brothers Bar and Grill, is a great place to enjoy live music and the best classic American food.
Thai Pop

Address: 3rd St, Rochester, Minnesota 55902

Phone: 507.226.8146


When looking for authentic thai cuisine, look no further than ThaiPop.  Started by Annie Balow’s love for her family and heritage, ThaiPop has been a pioneer in cultural representation.
Mayo Clinic

Address: 200 1st St, Rochester, Minnesota 55905

Phone: 507.284.2511


Mayo Clinic, a non-profit hospital, was founded in Rochester in 1889 and works to provide innovation in cancer treatment and cancer research
Nordic Shop

Address: 11 Broadway Ave S STE 202, Rochester, Minnesota 55904

Phone: 507.285.9143


Looking to celebrate Eastern European culture, Nordic Shop was established to be a hub for Norwegian, Scandinavian, and Danish goods.  From cutlery to clothes, the shop is a wonderful place to pick up gifts for yourself or for others.
Pasquale's Pizzeria

Address: 130 5th St, Rochester, Minnesota 55902

Phone: 507.424.7800


Pasquale Presa, an Italian Immigrant and owner of Pasquale’s Pizzeria, worked hard to open his shop which has now skyrocketed in the pizza business.  Pasquale makes sure to incoprate his italian heritage heavily and has even started a line of frozen pizzas so that poeple can enjoy his food at home.
Forager Brewery

Address: 1005 6th St, Rochester Minnesota 55901

Phone: 507.258.7490


Forager Brewery looks to provide a great experiemce of Rochester through craft beer that works on midwestern culture and seasonality.
Cafe Steam

Address: 315 Broadway Ave, Rochester, MN 55904

Phone: 507.208.4160


Cafe Steam, a locally-owned and independent coffee shop, captivates what Rochester’s community is like.  The shop provides great tasting coffee as well as community events that demonstrate the Rochester culture.
The Workshop Food Hall & Bar


Address: 1232 3rd Ave, Rochester,Minnesota 55904



The Workshop Food Hall & Bar is a remodeled testaurant that use to be an old canning company.  The venture looks to induce Rochester’s industrial history into a pleasant eating experience.