Formed more than 10-thousand years ago by glaciers,

the area was first the home of the Miami and Potawatomi tribes. The area quickly thrived thanks to its location to not just Lake Michigan, but also rivers –helping the fur trade and eventually steel production, flourish.

But the water wasn’t the only mode of transpiration that brought in commerce. Railroads brought in goods and people. Today, the Indiana Dunes are a hot spot for visitors in the Midwest and beyond.

Featured Businesses, Locations and Attractions 

Red Cup Cafe

Address: 115 Broadway, Chesterton, Indiana 46304

Phone: 219.929.1804


An eclectic cafe with fresh ingredients, also includes a deli.
Chesterton Brewery

Address: 1050 Broadway #36, Chesterton, Indiana 46304

Phone: 219.728.6558


Veteran owned restaurant that gives back to vets in need.
Riley's Railhouse

Address: 123 N 4th St. Chesterton, Indiana 46304

Phone: 219.395.9999


A bed and breakfast in a converted freight station from the early 20th century.
Indiana Dunes National Park

Address: Central Ave Beach: 151 Central Ave. Michigan City, Indiana 46360

Phone: 219.395.1882


Located in Northestern, Indiana on the shores of Lake Michigan, the nation’s 61st national park.
World's Fair Homes

Address: 127 West Lake Front Dr. Michigan Ciy, IN 46360; 250 West Lakefront Drive, Beverly Shores, Indiana 46301

Phone: 219.395.1882


Created during the 1933 World’s Fair, to show hope for the future on the horizon in the midst of the Great Depression. Purchased by developer Rob Bartlett and moved to Indiana’s Beverly Shores.
Urschel Laboratories

Address: 1200 Cutting Edge Drive, Chesterton, Indiana

Phone: 219.464.4811


Founded in 1910, Urschel Labs is the global leader in food cutting technology: slicers, dicers, millers shredders, you name it.
Dunes Learning Center

Address: 700 Howe Rd. Porter, Indiana 46304

Phone: 219.395.9555


Regional resource dedicated to residential environmental education. Students interact directly with the environment around them.