This city has the same name as the lake.

Green Lake is about seven miles wide, and its maximum depth is 237 feet, making it the deepest natural lake in all of Wisconsin.

It’s a great spot for fishing, golfing, sailing, canoeing, hiking, biking, and pretty much any relaxing outdoor activity you can think of. Some people even come here to SCUBA dive.

Featured Locations, Businesses and Attractions

North Bay Sport and Liquor

Address: 501 South St. Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941

Phone: 920.294.6462


Providing fishing and hunting licenses, bait and tackle, t shirts, swimsuits and sweatshirtrs alongside a complete beverage center with imported wines.
Chops Restaurant

Address: 506 Hill St. Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941

Phone: 920.807.0050


Fine dining restaurant with a great atmosphere and the food to match.
Norton Boat Works

Address: 535 Commercial Ave. Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941

Phone: 920.294.3544


What started as a boat building business in the late 1800s has evolved into a wooden boat restoration business.
Thrasher Opera House

Address: 506 Mill St. Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941

Phone: 920.294.4279


Built in the early 20th century and recently restored, the opera house donned it’s namein honor of it’s founder, it now functions as both a venue and a historical structure.
The Escapade

Address: 463 Lake Street, Green Lake, Wisconsin

Phone: 920.767.1277


A must see tour boat that travels through the deep Green Lake.
Norton's Fishing and Hunting Adventures

Address: 486 Lawson Dr. Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941

Phone: 920.229.3009


Brother to Joe Norton of Boat Works, Mike Norton works as a fishing guide to aid in the fishing of lake trout, a rare breed found in Green Lake.
Heidel House

Address: 653 Illinois Ave. Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941

Phone: 920.807.0300


Green Lake’s biggest tourist attraction, a well known and recently renovated resort
Evensong Spa

Address: 410 Trillium Cir. Green Lake, Wisconsin

Phone: 920.294.3347


Unique services and earth friendly products offer an amazing opportunity to relax among the wooded acres of Green Lake.