Le Claire is a storied river town,

a classic Mississippi River port that boomed in the mid19th century.

The old river pilot homes are still here, which are testament to the fact that river pilots were needed because here is where the river makes a sharp turn to the west. LeClaire is about 15 miles northeast of the Quad Cities and is so close that it’s considered by some to be a suburb of the Quad Cities.

Featured Attractions, Locations and Businesses

Le Claire Tug Pit

Address: 1445 Glenwood Drive, LeClaire, Iowa 52753

Phone: 563.650.0826

Website: https://tugfest.com

Across the Mississippi River, 10 teams of 20 residents of LeClaire Iowa and Port Byron Illinois compete in an annual tug of war. The spectacle boasts up to 35,000 viewers, and the winner receives an alabaster statue of a Bald Eagle.
LeClaire Information Center

Address: 117 South Cody Road, LeClaire, Iowa

Phone: 563.650.7963

Website: https://www.visitleclaire.com

Despite it’s size, LeClaire offers a wide vairety of tourist attractions. From museums to restuarants to boat rides, the tourist office aids in working with those who want a quiet getaway in a quant town by the Mississippi.
Antique Archeology

Address: 115 Davenport Street, LeClaire, Iowa 52753

Phone: 563.265.3939

Website: https://www.antiquearchaeology.com

As first seen on the television series American Pickers, this unique spot functions as both a museum, and a retail space for fellow antiquers. Each item is accompanied by a tag explaining its unique history, making this an excellent souvenir spot.
Mississippi River Distilling Company

Address: 303 North Cody Road, LeClaire, Iowa 52753

Phone: 563.484.4342

Website: https://www.mrdistilling.com

Locally sourced and consistently expanding, these artisan spririts have placed two brothers with a dream as one of the top distilleries in the country.
Riverboat Twilight

Address: 197 Front Street, LeClaire, Iowa 52753

Phone: 800.331.1467

Website: https://riverboattwilight.com

Acting as a replica of the popular Victorian steamboats that dominated the waters a century ago, this triple decker “Floating Palace” (as coined by Mark Twain) is an essential when visiting LeClaire.
Buffalo Bill Museum

Address: 199 North Front Street, LeClaire, Iowa

Phone: 563.289.5580

Website: http://buffalobillmuseumleclaire.com

Dedicated to preserving the rich history of the eastern Iowa and western Illinois region, accompany pioneer of its development Buffalo Bill (also known as William F. Cody) to examine and delve into historical, cultural and educational artifiacts.

Address: 208 North Cody Road, LeClaire, Iowa 52753

Phone: 563.289.4652

Website: https://shopthehop.com

Located in the historical home of late 1800s river pilot John McCaffery, the Grasshopper gift shop offers a unique experience to take away from a visit to LeClaire. Beyond just the gift shop is the downstairs wine cellar and a barn in the backyard, as well as historical guest houses along the Mississippi.
I-80 Bridge

Address: 1601 River Drive Suite 11, Moline, Illinois (mailing address)

Phone: 309.736.6823

Website: https://bisonbridge.org

An incredible proposition that benefits both the community and the environment. As the I-80 bridge over the Mississippi is slated for demolition in replacement for an updated bridge, the bison bridge project argues for saving the old bridge in order to convert into a crossing for both poeple and wildlife, mainly bison. If completed, it would be the longest man made wildlife crossing in the world.
The Faithful Pilot


Address: 117 North Cody Road, LeClaire, Iowa 52753

Phone: 563.676.5481

Website: https://www.faithfulpilot.com

Locally sourced ingredients for high quality cusine at low prices. Offers views of the Mississippi and the Buffalo Bill Museum as well as live music. This unique restuarant aims to accomodate the ever expanding tourism industry of LeClaire through different events such as wine classes and tastings.
Crane and Pelican

Address: 127 South 2nd Street, LeClaire, Iowa 52753

Phone: 563.289.8774

Website: http://www.craneandpelican.com

Built in 1851 and orignally home to prominent LeClaire residents Daniel and Sabina Dawley, the Crane and Pelican cafe provides quality, locally sourced food created from scratch.