If you googled popular Wisconsin tourist spots, Sister Bay would definitely be at the top of the list.

Sister Bay was named after the unincorporated Sister Islands just off the horizon in the bay.Its endless shoreline has been a hotspot for tourists since the late 1800s.

Door County Creamery
Address:10653 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, Wisconsin 54234


Website: https://doorcountycreamery.com

Charming cafe offering artisanal cheeses & sandwiches, plus lunchtime goat farm tours with tastings
Church Hill Inn
Address: 2393 S Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, WI 54234

Phone: 800.422.4906

Website: https://www.churchhillinn.com

This captivating inn offers a geat place to stay year round and is surrounded by the best shops and restaruants in Sister Bay.
Sail Door County Tours
Address: 10707 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, Wisconsin 54234

Phone: 920.495.7245

Website: https://www.saildoorcounty.com

Sail Door County works to exemplify Wisconsin’s beautiful landscapes and lakes.  Sail Door County offers day sails, lighthouse tours, private sails, and sunset sails.
Hidden Acres Farm
Address: 11128 Beach Rd, Sister Bay, WI 54234

Phone: 414.520.7540

Website: https://www.hiddenacresdoorcounty.com

Hidden Acres Farm is transcending agriculture by providing produce for many local business as well as hosting community endeavors through community gardens and events.
The Simple Solution
Address: 10331 N Water St, Ephraim, Wisconsin 54211

Phone: 920.854.3336

Website: https://www.thesimplesolutiondoco.com/contact

The Simple Solution, a local estate sales center, offers a great variety of goods and antiques for everyone to shop.
Space Store
Address: 10647 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, Wisconsin 54234

Phone: 920.857.6862

Website: https://spot.clothing

Space Store is a intricate boutique that is locally owned and it offers a great arrangement of clothing for women of all ages
Seaquist Orchards
Address: 11482 WI-42, Sister Bay, Wisconsin 54234

Phone: 920.854.4199

Website: https://seaquistorchards.com

Family owned for over 100 years, Sequist Farms is a large producer of cherries and apples.  Their passion for fruit proudly carries Wisconsin’s cultural essence for agriculture.
Wild Tomato
Address: 106777 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, Wisconsin 545234

Phone: 920.854.4685

Website: wildtomatopizza.com

The Kalamazoo Aviation History Musuem and indoor amusement park offers a great learning and entertaining oppotunity for visitors and residents.
Three Springs Nature Preserve

Address: 10442 3 Springs Rd, Sister Bay, Wisconsin 54234

Phone: 269.381.3700

Website: https://confectionswithconvictions.com/

Sister Bay is blessed with great forests and lakes that offer plenty of fun in nature.  At the Three Springs Nature Preserve, the nature is protected due to ecological importance.
Dorr Hotel
Address: 2329 Mill Rd, Sister Bay, Wisconsin 54234

Phone: 844.944.0354

Website: https://www.thedorrhotel.com

Dorr Hotel points out Door County’s Danish, Swedish, and Norewgian culture by offering lodging based around the European cultures. 


Jamaican Door Pop-Up- Roots Kitchen
Address: 25 S Madison Ave, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Phone: 920.857.8419

Website: https://thejamaicandoor.com/about-us.html

Georgina Hatch, founder of Jamaican Door, combines both Door County Heritage and her own Jamaican culture through jamaican cuisine. Georgina and her family have worked hard to create Jamaican Door’s Original Jerk Sauce and Cherry Jerk Sauce.


Experience charming local communities

Tour beautiful Midwest Main Streets as seen on John McGivern's Main Streets. This tour’s unique itinerary includes a visits to locations in LeClaire, Dubuque and Galena, as well as a special performance by John just for our group.