n 1900, Kalamazoo was the celery capital of the world! No kidding. The nearby “mucklands” –which must not exist where I live-are perfect for growing celery! Earlier, in the second half of the 1800’s, Kalamazoo was known as paper city. The Bryant Paper Company here in Kalamazoo became largest Michigan manufacturer of book paper. And by World War II, a score of local mills made Kalamazoo the largest paper producer in the nation.

“John McGivern’s Main Streets” is excited to announce the program’s second season will debut in January 2023 on PBS Wisconsin.

PBS Wisconsin is proud to welcome John back to both their air and streaming platforms. The show will also be offered to additional PBS stations in Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.

Air dates, times and additional PBS stations will be announced later this year.