This charming town in northwest Illinois is named after a mineral mined here 20 years before the gold rush in California.

It was a booming mining town in 1860 with a population of over 12000 when Ulysses S Grant moved here. Grant and the lead mines are no more, but the buildings still are.

Featured Locations, Businesses and Attractions

Haunted Galena Tour Company


Address: 220 Diagonal Street, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 815.990.7203


Based on the true ghost stories of Galena’s past, the Haunted Galena Tour Company explores performative storytelling to immerse audiences in the spooky history that haunts the streets of Galena.
Galena History Museum

Address: 500 Bouthillier Street, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 815.777.3310


Follow along General Ulysses S. Grant (portrayed by interviewee Bob Buman) to hear about Galena’s rich historical tales through a one hour walk down Main Street.
Old Blacksmith Shop

Address: 245 East Commerce Street, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 815.777.1893


Operating as both a museum and a legitimate blacksmith shop, find handmade items in the gift shop by the on duty workers and watch the sparks fly as they practice their skills.
Magic Theater

Address: 204 Hill Street, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 773.259.3234


With only 24 seats, magician PT Murphy creates an intimate and unforgettable magic show for his audience. As an entertainer, Murphy offers humor alongside sleight of hand.
Galena Floodgates

Address: N/A

Phone: 815.77.1050


The City of Galena is protected from floods by the steel floodgate system, which close during bouts of highwater.


Galena Canning Company

Address: 106 Main Street, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 815.777.2882


Sauces, dressings, fruit preserves, salsas and many more, the family-owned and operated Galena canning company has had success with their unique flavors for more than 20 years.
Ulysesses Suites

Address: 214 Bench Street, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 303.883.5694


Located in the heart of downtown Galena, the lovingly renovated Ulysses Suites pays homage to its previous occupier during the turn of the century, the Grant Hotel.
Jo Davies Conservation Foundation at Horshoe Mound (JDCF)

Address: 1679 BlackJack Road, Galena, Illinois

Phone: 815.858.9100


The JDCF was first located just outside Galena, and was acquired as an open piece of property in 1993 by those hoping to protect the “Gateway to Galena” from development, ensuring the view of the city from Highway 20 would remain intact, continuing enjoyment for years to come. Now, the JDCF works to preserve wildlife and resources in the area, and educates others to do the same.
Hoof-It Goat Trekking


Address: 616 Devils Ladder Road, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 563.663.6944


Not any ordinary hike! This tourist attraction in the wooded proprties and praieries of Galena leads you on a tour of nature with a goat in tow.
Galena Cellars

Address: 111 North Main Street, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 630.232.9463


With live music, outdoor seating, and over 50 unique red and white wines to choose from, three generations of winemakers in the Lawlor-White family-owned business have kept the Galena Cellars alive and thriving.
Awake4Yoga in Grant Park

Address: 625 Park Avenue, Galena, Illinois 61036

Phone: 773.259.3234


An accesible and fun yoga class for all located in the scenic Grant Park, a beautiful area with city views.