John McGivern's Main Streets

Coming January 2022

Main Street is alive and well.

It’s where the heart of the community beats the loudest.


It’s also where you will find five-time Emmy award-winning actor and host John McGivern. Enjoyed by a nationwide audience, John’s unique brand of storytelling is expanding across the Midwest.

Growing up in the Midwest in an Irish Catholic family, John’s own experiences and memories are relatable and remind us all of our shared Midwest heritage.

Through lively interviews with local residents and civic leaders, John uncovers the uniqueness and charm of each community he visits.

John McGivern
Midwest States Covered in John McGivern's Main Streets

John McGivern’s Main Streets is a destination travel show. Season one will showcase 13 Midwestern communities.

It’s all about connecting with people and places in our communities. Together, we can support these wonder Main Streets and give them the kind of exposure that allows them to grow and prosper in the future.


The show is genuine. His style is personal. And his humor is as heartfelt as it is funny.

Washington County Insider: John McGivern is back!

John is setting his GPS for 13 main streets all over the Upper Midwest, traveling from Wisconsin to Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. Season 1 of John McGivern’s Main Streets will showcase more than a dozen destinations as only John McGivern can. Read...

John McGivern's Main Streets Sneak PeakJanuary 26, 2022 | Pabst Theater, Milwaukee

Get a sneak peek of John McGivern’s Main Streets on January 26th at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. You’ll be one of the first to see clips from the upcoming season and hear from John firsthand about the places he visited and the people he met.