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Season 4 Begins January 2025

Winona, Minnesota

Winona, MN, is a city of 26,000 very lucky people, built on a Mississippi River sandbar.
At Willet Hauser, artists make stained glass. Watkins Co. employees make tons of vanilla, and the crew at Wenonah Canoe make – guess. Sugar Loaf Bluff is paradise for climbers, Yarnology is home for knitters and NOSH is heaven for John, because he’s an eater!

Fort Wayne, Indiana

John knew it‘s home to Vera Bradley and Sweetwater. But he didn’t expect a Diocesan Museum, a huge Public Library, the most perfect Children’s Zoo or Coney Island Hot Dogs. What a great city!

Menomonee Valley, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee Wisconsin is becoming a vital and
happening place.

In Milwaukee WI’s Menomonie Valley, the Harley Davidson Museum,
Palermo’s, Potowatomi Casino and BBC Lighting are well known and always fun. But there’s more happening here. Do you like pickled foods? Bay View Packing is for you. Art? Warehouse Art Museum is unreal. How about eating and drinking? Twisted Fisherman and Third Space Brewing got you!

Davenport, Iowa

Davenport is the largest of the Quad Cities and the third largest city in Iowa. It’s where chiropractic began, and music is celebrated. Now it’s home to the most incredible Ethiopian food, a great art museum, and is where work vehicle seats are made. Who knew? It’s also a city John wants to visit again soon.

Clipsville, USA

Clipsville, USA Some of the best moments that happened while filming “Main Streets” this year didn’t make it into any episodes, but they do make a hilarious finale to the season. Uncover those miscues, interruptions and favorite things that didn’t make the final cuts...

Escanaba, Michigan

Escanaba, Michigan, has “Yooper” culture all their own.

You can taste it in the delicious pasties at Dobber’s and in the sweet wines at Leigh’s Winery. You can hear it in Ludington Park when the nearly 100- year-old City Band plays. You can feel it in the great outdoors while you fish with Beaver’s Lures or watch the sun rise at Terrace Bay Inn.

De Pere, Wisconsin

De Pere, WI is sometimes called a suburb of Green Bay, but don’t say that to anyone who lives there.

Sister Bay, Wisconsin

If you googled popular Wisconsin tourist spots, Sister Bay would definitely be at the top of the list. Sister Bay was named after the unincorporated Sister Islands just off the horizon in the bay.Its endless shoreline has been a hotspot for tourists since the late...

Stillwater, Minnesota

On the corner of Myrtle and Main Streets in Stillwater, Minnesota began.
So why here? Well… when Wisconsin became a state in 1848, that left people west of the St. Croix river “high and dry” with no government.

So, the people of Stillwater held a territorial convention right here and voted to send a delegate to Washington D.C. to organize a new territory called “Minnesota” which became a territory in 1849, and a state in 1858.

Amana Colonies, Iowa

Amana Colonies, Iowa Iowa’s Amana Colonies are not Amish! Come meet the past while enjoying right now. Iowa’s Amana Colonies lived communally until 1932. Today their innovative past and welcoming hospitality draw visitors by the thousands. John McGivern is reminded of...

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester is located in Southeastern Minnesota. It’s about an hour and a half drive south west of the Twin Cities and about 50 miles due east of Winona on the Mississippi River. Today, Rochester has residents and visitors from all around the world. The population of the city is about 120,000 and the Mayo Clinic employs over 40,000 of them.

Oak Park, Illinois

Oak Park, Illinois, is only a short ride on the “L” from Chicago, but location isn’t the only good thing about this close-knit community.

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